The glasses were purchased at regular duty-free shops

During the 11th Golden Week holiday, Ms. Chen from Shenzhen finally chose a PRADA sunglasses for her husband in South Korea. She never thought that “it would be broken if she didn’t wear it one day.” Until now, Ms. Chen did not want to understand: brand name How can the glasses not be worn or broken? “Traveling abroad is afraid of buying fake or shoddy products, so we choose a regular place for every purchase. Unexpectedly, the Prada sunglasses purchased at the Shilla Duty Free Shop in Seoul, South Korea, were not worn one day, and the screws were broken. Is this the world’s top ten luxury stores? Ms. Chen aggrieved to the rule of law weekend reporters, they selected the glasses in the duty-free shops on October 3, and they took the glasses at the pick-up shop of the Silla Duty Free Shop in Seoul, South Korea on the 4th, and then opened it. I found that the glasses had broken the screws and could not be worn at all.
Ms. Chen’s husband, Mr. Liu, said: “The glasses were purchased at regular duty-free shops and verified by the Korean Customs. If the glasses are not produced by Prada, then it’s an international joke. There are also fakes verified by the customs?” Prada (PRADA) also made a big push into the Chinese market this year. According to Prada’s financial report, the brand plans to open 120 stores worldwide in 2014-2016, of which new stores in China will be located in second-tier or even third-tier cities.

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